Shelving Super 123


Super 1-2-3 is a highly versatile boltless shelving system created to satisfy the broadest needs of hand loaded storage requirements.

The key features of the Super 1-2-3 product include its speed of assembly, the ease and swiftness with which shelves can be repositioned and the wide array of available standardised accessories. Its galvanised finish ensures product durability and corrosion protection.

Key features:

  • boltless shelving system;
  • 33mm upright pitch;
  • excellent load bearing capacity performance;
  • high-tech design;
  • 90° corner units maximise storage capacity;
  • can be used in public spaces from shops to offices;
  • suitable for domestic as well as industrial use;
  • unalterable over time thanks to the use of galvanized steel;
  • structural components produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steel in accordance with EN10204 standards;
  • modular structure available in many different dimensions;
  • cost effective solution;
  • internationally patented.

Boltless shelvingGalvanised finishLight duty hand-loaded storage33 mm upright pitch90°corners